• PLM Series Aboveground Modular Media Filter System

PLM Series Aboveground Modular Media Filter System

Brand : Pentair


Greatest Capacity for Least Maintenance

Convenience and virtually maintenance-free operation make this aboveground system a smart choice. Featuring Sta-Rite's modular media technology, these systems handle dirt loads of up to 15 times more than sand filters of equivalent size. Available with rugged, large-capacity OptiFlo® Series pump.

  • Typical Installation – Above-ground pools​.
  • Compact Design - Fits easily in tight installations. Sleek-looking in matte black finish.
  • Easy Access - The Posi-Lok™ locking ring is easy to use. Split-tank design permits rinse-in-place cleaning.
  • Superior Dirt Loading - Flow-balanced tank hydraulics direct water through each side of filter module. Uniform dirt-loading prevents clogging.
  • Easy Reading- Information panels and top-mounted pressure gauge are positioned for easy reading.
  • Power Options- 1 to 1-1/2 HP OptiFlo Pump

Note: Operating Limits – designed for maximum continual working pressure of 50 PSI. Water temperature maximum 104°F (40°C).

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